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So im feeling a very weird sensation at the moment.
For the entire day ive been in constant fear that the world is unreal and that ill develop schizophrenia. However, now my anxiety has gone down a bit as far as fearing schizophrenia goes. But the worry is still there? I feel worried that I'll get it, but now im lazy about being scared about it. Like I think about it and im not as scared as I usually get and im scared that means im slowly accepting psychosis to overcome me.
I don't know if that's how psychosis works and I don't know if im on the onset of developing it. I would love if anyone can provide valid information on psychosis that is specific to my problem.
I know it doesn't sound sensical or coherent but basically I fear that my lack of overwhelming fear of developing psychosis is ultimately what will lead me to get psychosis.
The reason why it scared me was because it was so sudden. All day I was freaking out about reality and at night I just stopped being overtly anxious, almost like I gave up and as I said im scared this means im letting psychosis come into me.
It was almost like a switch turned my overtly anxious feeling of schizophrenia off and sorta accepted it.
Again I know how fucking bizarre this sounds but if anyone can relate or provide info I would fucking love it.

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Hey sorry to hear this, sadly I'm no pro in this field. But I read something somewhere that helps me calm down thinking I'm gonna get it too.

"Anxiety is not a gate way to other mental health problems, your anxiety won't get so bad that you'll upgrade to schizophrenia."

My mother and older sister have schizophrenia and I'm SO scared with this anxiety/DP that I'll get it too.

But we just gotta keep reminding ourselves that's not how anxiety works.

I know how horrible this sounds, but stressing out more about this isn't going to help your anxiety/DP, you gotta try to relax.

PM me if you need someone to talk to. Take care of yourself.
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