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I have started taking coconut milk 2 times a day with coffee in the morning and coco in the evening. I mix 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of butter each time.. other than this my diet has remained the same

This should hopefully increase the amount of ketones in my body throughout the day. I don't want to get ahead of myself as I have done here before (lol) but it seems to be having some benefit with relaxing and mental clarity. It is subtle but noticeable and improves each day.

Ketones within the body get turned into a substance known as BHB which is almost exactly the same as the drug GHB. GHB has the following effects on the brain:

"Interaction analyses revealed that GHB-induced increase of body awareness was accompanied by increased rCBF in ACC, whereas relaxation under GHB was accompanied by elevated rCBF in right anterior insula"

So this could make sense in terms of effects within the brain and on DPD as the disorder does involve less blood flow in the ACC and the right anterior insula... whether this would happen with BHB from ketones is unknown although reports of euphoria during the atkins diet are quite common.

I don't plan to enter ketosis or be on the atkins as I am already underweight, but increasing fats like coconut oil and butter should produce ketones.... other fats like olive oil etc which are unsaturated fats might not do this as easily (am unsure) but I do get enough of these fats as well. I take hemp oil also every day which has a perfect balance of omega 3/6/9.

So has anyone else noticed this? I intend on carrying on with this fad regardless of it's effect on my DP. It has given me a lot more energy. I would also say that I do not like the taste of coconut, but with the strong flavour of coffee and coco I can barely taste it at all. I have found effects from coconut oil before, but actually eating it by the spoonful was unsustainable and I only managed a few days, despite seeming to get some positive effects. This way is far more sustainable and I will be doing it for at least a month
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