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ketamine / detached

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im not knowledgable at all when it comes to drugs but today i was watching a tv programme about drugs and its effects...the guy on there said that ketamine gives you a feeling of being detached from your im just wondering if this is the case what effect does ketamine have on the brain to cause this detachment (dp)
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Mt. Sinai is experimenting with a drug that has the opposite effects on the brain that K does, Seromycin an NMDA receptor agonist. DP is actually exactly like a ketamine trip. I have friends, PhD neuroscience students at NYU who use K a lot as their only "safe" party drug, and intentionally to get the out-of-body, spiritual experience. so again, one must be prone to dissociation first, cuz none of them are DP'ed.

as for the science....Ketamine blocks glutamate activity, giving rise to either entire cell bank shutdown in some brain areas or changes in the way cell clusters integrate or interpret incoming data in others. Overall, the result is the much famed K-Hole effect: certain brain parts go into temporary hibernation, mainly the senses and physical sensations, while others - imagination, and other unnamed perceptions from the depths of the mind - are amplified.

my cat was pumped full of K two weeks ago, i wonder if he's DP'ed now :shock:

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it's actually by far safer than benzos and SSRI's. 8)
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