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ketamine / detached

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im not knowledgable at all when it comes to drugs but today i was watching a tv programme about drugs and its effects...the guy on there said that ketamine gives you a feeling of being detached from your im just wondering if this is the case what effect does ketamine have on the brain to cause this detachment (dp)
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The kind of detachment that arises from ketamine is much different to DP.

I've heard that people literally "plunge" into their unconscious, and sit their unable to move or comprehend anything for a couple of hours.
Here's a trip report I saw the other day

I snorted it and felt quite normal for about 5 minutes, then i could feel it coming, at that point I remember laying down...

This then proceeded to some crazed plain of perception where I had absolutely no concept of anything or anyone around me. I literally went back into my head and my brain started projecting images into my eyes..

The trip consisted of me searching my mind for the beginning of my life. That's how it felt. The images kept folding me back to certain points of understanding of my own existence and i felt this overwhelmingly liberating feeling that I had discovered the meaning of my life, which I now don't remember.

For those who have seen the film 'Labyrinth' there is a part in it where she is running around this maze with upside down stairs. I was fucking there people! Running up the stars then falling back into these big wholes and then running around them again looking for the beginning of my life so it could explain something to me...I never found it, and I can't remember what this revelation was, but I know it was indeed a revelation...

If something like that is not going to induce a worse DP state, I don't know what will.
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