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keeping busy..

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maybe this has already been answered but..

with Derealization/Depression/Anxiety is it a good idea to keep busy? and try NOT to focus on, or worry about the feelings in your mind?

I do find the world looks surreal whatever I do, since it kicked in, but I also find I worry allot less, and pay less attention to how the world around me looks, when I am busy, doing anything, silly things like cooking, changing bed covers! in the shower!! talking with friends etc.

So.. is keeping busy and doing things to take your mind OFF thinking, and worrying about whats happening in your mind a good idea?

also, just to clarify, is it normal for my surroundings to look this odd/spaced-out/dream state 24/7? I mean I have read a bit about some people only getting this strange feeling during panic attacks etc, mine just seems set in, I don't feel to bad within myself when I am busy doing things and not thinking about it, but its always there, is this normal? or should I go back to square one of thinking I have some form of nasty brain problem that I am gonna drop down dead from any minute! or I am losing my mind/consciousness (thats what it feels like!)

hope this question makes sense and sorry if it has already been answered but I am afraid to search deeply in these forums for fear of reading something that scares me, I am trying to remain calm and strong, but it is a fight, 24/7.

many thanx in advance for any advice.
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You are doing all the right things, keep doing them and its good that the small things, take your mind away from the thoughts, that's a good sign jsut keep doing them, keep going and good luck! Sarahx
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