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I cut and pasted this from another thread - wanted people to see it as its own story and be able to respond.

I can remember being in highschool working at a gas station and saying to a buddy ,, i just don' t feel like I'm Me.

Now I managed not to have that feeling for a long time. Until now. But now I am obsessed it seems. How to break free. I can think, I can see, I can hear I can drive, I know my name, I know my parents, I know where they live, I know my wifes name and birthday, I know my social security number... All things point to I am in reality and I know where I am . But why do I get these weird thoughts like Your not real... I am not myself.... Thoughts shouldn't scare me but they do.

They say Im not crazy but then what is this. Stuck inside my head not living like I once did with fun and sense of humor.. This grew out of anxiety and now it is as if I can't find myself....I keep hoping when I go to bed at night I will wake up and my oldself will be back. What is this stuff.

My story is I am a father, a grandfather, a friend , but I don't feel like the person I once did.. I want to get back to my life again. Where is the door, where is the key.
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