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The kappa opioid receptor is believed to play a role in dissociative states including DP. I remember being on Suboxone for a brief period of time and one day I had just felt like everything was clearer, like the veil was about to be lifted at any second. Solid 30-40% reduction in symptoms. The dose of suboxone was low. I’ve heard JDTic and other kappa antagonists however these can’t be prescribed as they aren’t regulated, confirmed safe by the FDA drugs, blah blah blah. I’ve also seen JDTic and other kappa opioid antagonist drugs being sold online but for ridiculous prices, like 200-300$ for 10mg. (Which is just one single dose I think?) Might just say fuck it and give it a try, who knows when and if any kind of kappa antagonist will be widely available soon. I could go back on Suboxone but the fact it’s a strong opioid, very addictive and hard on the liver kind of steer me away from it. But worse comes to worse I get back on sub. Anyone have any thoughts or relevant news regarding this?
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