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For the last week I've only had slight DR symptoms, and I was thinking "Could I be getting over this?". Felt too good to be true!

Then, yesterday evening, it all came back: feeling weird, unreal, like in a dream or trance. And this morning, after 1-2 hours it came back again. I took 0,5mg Clonazepam and fell to sleep for 2? hours. It felt sooo good to sleep, I'm usally much better afterwards - at least for 1-2 hours.

I guess I should just feel lucky for having almost a week without these symptoms!

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That happens to me all the time. You start to feel normal again and then slip back into the "emotionally lazy" state of mind. = (

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i too have periods of where i feel normal then fall back.. i wish i could handle the bad days better and not give so much attention to the feelings.. but i want to be free of the dr so bad when i fall back i get so depressed....the dr is like a mind game...what changes on the times you feel normal? what causes you to fall back? i do know when im tired if i take a nap 95% of the time it helps the dr...but the other 5% i wake up worse..WHY? well if i could answer that i could defeat it... for me sometimes its like im on the edge of recovery but then just on the other side i feel like im falling backwards... wow what a mind game.. Doug

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I had a wonderful dp/dr improvement time on the 20th January this year.
That proves to me that it is possible to get better.
It was really cool when this happened, and i know how i induced it.
The problem is staying healed. And because i want dr to go so badly
it was depressing that the improvement didn't last long.

It seems all it takes to set me back again are some obsessive thoughts
from ocd. I'm now convinced that if i, or a medical breakthrough could beat ocd the dr would go.
For me it's like going on a diet. You lose the weight reasonably easy, but keeping it off is the problem. Oh well, there's still hope.
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