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Just wanted to introduce myself...

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Hey folks! I'm glad I found this forum. I never new that DP&DR existed. I thought I was the only one that had this/these disorders. I've been suffering with it for about 7 months now. Ever since I started smoking weed it would come and go but only for an hour or two. I never new what the feeling was.

At the start of this year I was messing with some speed, being clean off of weed for a year. I had a really bad trip off the speed and after that I never felt the same again.

Feeling funny for about 2 weeks my fiance tells me she can't deal with me anymore (not cause of the disorder but past relationship issues) and leaves me. This made me feel even more wierd.

After about a month or two of crying everyday thinking that I was going insane, I went to church and was saved by Jesus Christ. I self diagnosed myself with anxiety and depression disorder and tried many self help techniques.

About two weeks ago I found this forum and read all the symptoms and found out that I have DP and DR. The DP and the DR cause my anxiety and depression.

I have not taken any medication or seen a doctor. I'm going to give it all I can before I turn to meds.

I can say that it now being almost September, and in April I thought I was going to have to go into a mental hospital I've come along way with just exersice and eating right. Trying to stay busy and meeting new friends of the female type :oops:

Overall I have to say I have made fair improvement in the past 4 months.

All I can do is just keep on keepin' on. I'm sure all of you can agree, that when the DP/DR is on you bad you can't figure how you keep from going insane and how to keep thinking rationaly.

I just wanted to say HI -Mr. Mortgage
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hi, welcome to the forum Mr. Mortgage. I'm glad you found this site. It's a really good place to get support for dp/dr and talk about it.

My name is Becka. I havn't been a member here long, but i really like it. All the people are real nice. I have dp and dr as part of schizophrenia. It started about 2 years ago around the time when my schizophrenic symptoms got a lot worse. I use to post a lot on schizophrenia forums, but since finding this site, i've found that i actually like it better.

It's interesting you mentioned that this came on after smoking weed. I have never done any drugs or alchohol up until about 4 days ago when i tried weed for the first time. I found that it deffinatly increased my dp and dr.

well, anyways..i hope you find this forum to be very helpful :)

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