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Hello my dear Friends,
I guess I haven't been here for almost 4 years, I just wanted to see how things are going here, I am so happy, that a lot of people are getting help and support, the Recovery section is very inspiring and it looks like it gets filled everyday with new success stories :)
I left this forum shortly after my last recovery, and my life changed a lot since then. Life is whatever you make out of it... for me - it is both beautiful and terrifying at times, hah, I am still the same person. :D The same messy, flowered up, selfpitying egoistic artist- just much more aware of myself and not afraid to seek for the answers within...and that's all ok! :D Just keep on going - there is always so much more, and WE ARE some much more than we might think out of ourselfs... As always, my heart goes out for those, who are in pain and suffering right now, I promise, y'all get better, put away your fear and be ready to start your recovery! ;) those, who already are tough fighters on the road to recovery - just keep on running, I know you're close to it! :) and to the rest of all "recoverees" - I hope you really enjoy your time!

I love you all guys, get healthy, get calm, take care! Respectfully,

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