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As always I can't seem to get away from stress if it's not one thing it's another. To be honest it's easier said than done to just walk away from all stresses including the people around you.

I've been doing fairly well getting out the house normal sleep schedule doing my usual again although I still don't feel here.

I find my self moving on most days and others just sad that the old me is gone. My stressful days or weeks to be honest I have more sad moments where I don't quite understand what I should even do.

My days just seen to be flying by because even though I'm continuing my life I still have no sense of time. My memories still feel very distant.

I do pretty good with knowing it's just dpdr but I have some moments where I dojt care about anything and become concerned that I dont care.

I know it's a process and from what I've read it's a pretty long process to over come. I've been in full dpdr for a couple months and I've only been getting back to normal life for about 3 weeks.

I get frustrated because I get tired of the same routine but I also get frustrated because if I change even the smallest thing in my routine I get almost confused not literally just this odd sense that nothing makes sense.

Even though I'm not googling at all anymore or watching videos or anything I still feel upset that I can't just snap out of this.

What I have been doing lately is amazing being that a few weeks ago I was bed bound by my own choice and fears. Some more stressful situations have happened and once again I feel things are pointless I don't know if I should be sad or angry or both.

I've also been very lost I've been trying to figure out who I really am and that seems impossible. Somedays I know who I am even moments truth a day I know who I am but I can't help but lay in bed at night and question who I really am out what I want in life.

I've been in a very it doesn't matter it is what it is mood.

Can you actually pull completely out of this or will it stick with you forever?

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Remember the other day you were talking about how present you felt in certain moments.

Some of us do not get those moments.

Yes, it seems incredible but you can pull 100% out of it. I have done so before, when all hope seemed lost.

The brain is just one part of us that is causing problems. It is not the self. It's just another organ, that is prone to malfunction and misbehaviour
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