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Just to be Me

I sit in this house feeling all alone
My family is here, but where have i gone.

My body is just a mass upon this bed,
I feel so detached, like I am almost dead

The world is going on around me
but I am sitting still, I lose hope everday
that i will heal

Just to be me that is all I ask
is that to much, is it such a hard task.

Just to be me, like I was once before
I lost me somewhere, someone shut the door.

Am I the culprit that lost the key,I need out of
this hell I just want to be me..

I sit in this house day after day just living
in a dream. A few friends come by, and the telephone
will ring.

I know who is on the other line, because I
remember them well, but who answers my side
for I can not tell.

It's not me for I use to never feel this way.When my
friends use to ring, I always knew what to say.

They talk and tell me about their day, but silence falls upon their line
because I no longer know what to say.

I search for words just to get me by
But its so hard to find words, when you always feel high

Someone wake me, wake me I scream..I cant take anymore
of is this horrid dream.

Then with a shock I realize, I am awake
And I ask myself again, how much more can I take..

Help, Help can anyone see, all I want, IS JUST TO BE ME!!

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oh Alannah there was no stopping the tears when I read that. :cry:
and I know just how you feel.... no way anyone could put it better....

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Allanah, how well you described the emotions we have all gone thru or are going thru. Thanks for taking the time to post it.
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