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Hi all.. it all started when I was 16 I was in high school and I was in my maths class and all off a sudden I had this horrible feeling like I didn't even know who I was, where I was it was horrible I had no clue what it was at the time I ended up going home from school the next day I woke up I was fine.. but then the next day it happened again but it stayed with me even longer I went too the doctors I couldn't really describe how I felt but they said it was anxiety I didn't believe them,I was sure there was something majorly wrong with me I had blood test they came back
All good after That he gave me tablets I was on them for a few months they wasn't working so I thought nope this isn't anxiety but so I tried some other tablets they was kinda working, they was helping but I still didn't believe this feeling was anxiety it was horrible and still is!! I have it with me 24/7 feeling like I'm in a dream all the time feeling I don't even know what's in front off me, don't notice my own hand sometimes it looks strange recently it's got even worse and it's so scary but I've come on here too talk too others with dp because talking about it actually helps it relives abit off the anxiety inside of you want too hit me up I have kik: adam972012 or snap chat adamharr97 I'm now 20 and have had it for 4 years
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