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Just had an attack... :(

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Grrr, I felt so well last night, then I woke up feeling all panicky, and went into town to get a few bits... Stood in the centre of town, people bustling, hallogen lighting - Felt like I was fading away right then and there. People were a blur, my brain was resetting itself every few seconds, I could barely see, I was shaking and felt so distant and detached, I really thought that was the moment - that I was either going to faint, im/ex plode or some such or just go absolutely insane... I looked my fiance straight in the face and he looked so distant and unreal... I walked into the place where I work and I just couldn't stay, the placeI spent half my life suddenly seemed horrific and alien. I got back to the car, my hands were tingling, my sight was spacing out and my chest was painful and tight, I could hardly breathe...

It felt like the worst thing ever! I nearly didn't drive home, but I had to in the end, but God knows how I made it...

It felt like it might've been a migraine (which I suffer form anyway) soi took a Mig tablet, which made me sleepy, and the rest and relaxation has calmed me and taken most of the symptoms away, I just feel all drained and fuzzy now... Gah!! I truly hope this is the "worst week of my life before recovery" stage, I really do!!

Sorry to rant...

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At the height of my DP, I had this many times. One night, I would be great...but then driving to work the next morning, I could swear that I was going insane, and for no reason (tight chest, losing control, etc).

I know it will be hard to take this advice, because I was guilty of doing just what you did, but try and stay at work and out of the house. Do something at work that will keep your mind off of it, and remind yourself of the previous night.

Remember - perceptions can change. You can turn it around.

Here's to you feeling better soon.

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