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I have just found this forum this morning.

I Have suffered from panic disorder and anxiety for around a year now. According to my GP, it has been brought on by the fact that I have a daughter who was born prematurely and has had problems over the last few years. She was given the 'all clear' last year, which is when this illness hit me.
The dp/dr feelings I get are the worst symptom of my anxiety.
When I get up in the morning I dont feel here, as though I have no thoughts or feelings and Im hollow inside. I function purely on autopilot.
I feel as though I have got to dig really deep to find any thoughts within my mind.
This feeling lasts all day. The only relief I get is when I am doing something absorbing that takes my mind off it. As soon as I stop doing what I am doing, the dp returns immediately.
At night I feel trapped in my own mind and body, and desperately want to 'jump' out. I then panic because I know I cant.
Very often I feel as though I am drifting off into oblivion, even though usually I dont.
Sometimes I can convince myself that it is just the illness, but most of the time I cant think rationally at all.
I suffer severe agrophobia and cant eat because of the anxiety.
I just feel like a complete nothing.
I hate this illness and wish it would all go away.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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