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just drove over to my sisters/implosion of the mind

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i decided to drive over to my sisters house tonight and while pulling out of my drive i felt ok,a little caught in my thoughts but ok,when i reached her house all of a sudden i was consumed entirely by my thoughts and i was gibbering around scratching my head and acting like a wreck...i sometimes wonder what in the hell have i turned into...i used to watch people like me at school,you know the kids who everyone took fun out of because they suffered from a nervous disposition...
it just seems weird that im not really concerned about the physical symptoms its just my awareness seems to be focused on what im thinking....this is a tough one to break i tried my best to avert my attention but it was tough,mental torment :cry:
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Martinelv said:
I hear you mate. It's classic 'out of the blue' panic attacks. I've had them too, in the middle of doing something enjoyable. It almost feels like your brain is intent on self-destruction.
you said it...yet today i gave my sister a lift into town in heavy traffic as well and i was fine,sometimes i just have bad days
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