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Just Completely Not here...

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i just travelled to my friends house...which is about 12 minute drive...felt like i was going insane all the way...

got to her house and thought i would settle down at least a bit...but no...things just got worse and i have had to come home...

right now i feel completely not me and completely bewildered!

i just have no idea how i am functioning feeling like this!

i keep choking/gagging...i just feel so sick and everything feels completely numb...

i feel so scared and i just do not know what to do!!!

i am so sorry to vernt...i just feel like i have no idea where i am or what i am doing anymore...

i really cannot cope living like this any more!!!
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Whenever I felt that way (at about your age, these days I just languish), I
noticed that totally throwing myself into a favorite activity (like oil painting) for several hours would really help lift me out of it.

The most difficult part, of course, is just getting yourself started.

My solution was just to drag myself up off my bed and plant myself in front of my easel while allowing my mind to remain blank and free from any thoughts about whether I really felt like doing anything at that moment.

I'd pick up the brush, start painting (lazily at first), and before I knew it I'd be hard at work on it.

And after an hour or two (or three), when I felt ready to stop, There'd be that sense of satisfaction that I'd done something really worthwhile (and that I could feel proud of) that day. (Plus it really took my mind off everything.)

Give it a try! :)

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