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My DP/DR seems to be getting better, as I do focus on other things, unfortunately those other things seem to be physical health.. Currently taking Nexium every morning trying to get this indigestion thing to settle down. I will be having an upper GI serries on the 23rd so hopefully get some answers there. I am sleeping better, dreaming better. In all I feel like my brain is resetting , if that's possible, like starting to do what it's supposed to do..

I still seem to go off in my own little world, Like I'll hear something on the radio while driving and it starts a thought process or like a little daydream in my head of what this situation will pan out to be etc.... Sometimes I still have trouble focusing . Like when there are people around me and they are in a converstion sometimes I only hear bits and pieces because I am distracted... But all in all I have noticed slow improovement.

So hopefully if I get these physical problems behind me, I can overcome the rest of this mess.


Hey just wanted to let you know that I am glad you are feeling better. Take it easy. Give the Nexium a chance to work. Usually don't see much of a response for a good two weeks. Take it easy.
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