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ive been lurking on here now and again but im alot more understanding of my illness and ive had a good long think recently and to be honest there is no more i can learn about symptoms etc....the only one that can help me is 'me'
im into my fourth week of therepy and its very very strange,i go into this room with around 8 other people sitting in a circle and then the two therepists walk in and its very strange because everyone sits in silence for the first few minutes,its an uncomfortable silence but then somebody will speak and the ball starts rolling,everyone kind of bounces off of each other and there are also lots of tears,somebody will say something personal about themselves and it will effect somebody else,at first i found this disturbing but now i understand that this is a way for people to release emotions and talk about these particualar problems and afterwards it leaves me with a kind of relaxed floating feeling,its hard to describe but i go in feeling stressed and anxious then i kind of 'float' home feeling calm..
at the moment im the rebel in the class, as im new im questioning alot of things and stupidly playing mind games with the therepists,but ive kindda come to realise that they are there to support the disscussion,they are not there to train us or teach us,we just get told how important it is for us to all work together and its starting to make sense...

for me its a bit like the guy in fight club that could only get to sleep after hed been to some kind of therepy session,come thursday im stressed and anxious but after therepy im floating,there is one girl that can identify with my every symptom,i havnt talked alot about symptoms but it does crop up and this girl identifies with all i say...

its amazing what you can actually learn about yourself,and others will see things from a different angle and put it into perspetive...i wont rabbitt on anymore but although i feel very drained im getting its time to get used to the symptoms and work on the reasons


at the moment im the rebel in the class, as im new im questioning alot of things and stupidly playing mind games with the therepists
Dont let go of that. Keep it in the back of your head.

I like the way you RAM your sentances together. There's no gaps to squeeze into.

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Hi JC,

Really happy to see things are working for you. It has been neat to see you progress. How very hard you have worked at dealing with this disorder. You rode the rollercoaster and are now settling in to "getting use to the symptoms and working on the reasons."

That's great, JC.
Cheers to you.
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