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Just a quick poll

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What do you believe has/us happening to you?
What do you believe?
I'm ill, and this is all down to an anxiety related disorder. 956.25%
That this world isn't real and I'm somehow now living in a fake world. 00.00%
That I've gone mad. 16.25%
That the world is just a creation of my mind. 00.00%
I'm not sure what I believe. All I know is something weird is happening. 637.50%
Other (please share) 00.00%
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None of these really apply to me, but I will let you know what I think about all the options you offer:

1) Probably true for most cases on this forum, but my own experience says that my anxiety is a consequence of the way I feel and how it interferes with every aspect of my life.

2) though it sometimes feels that way, I've never actually believed that the world is not real.

3) this is the most interesting option to me. What does it mean to "go mad"? I spent a lot of time focusing on this issue, doing a lot of research, and have concluded that there is no such thing. Or that it only has whatever meaning individuals give to it.

4). Similar to #2

5). This one best describes my experience. I'm almost positive that there is something biologically wrong. Just not sure as to what or why.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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