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Just a quick poll

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What do you believe has/us happening to you?
What do you believe?
I'm ill, and this is all down to an anxiety related disorder. 956.25%
That this world isn't real and I'm somehow now living in a fake world. 00.00%
That I've gone mad. 16.25%
That the world is just a creation of my mind. 00.00%
I'm not sure what I believe. All I know is something weird is happening. 637.50%
Other (please share) 00.00%
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Based on me not knowing what I believe, I thought I'd do this poll. I'm interested to see how varied the confusion can be.
Thanks for the reply. I personally am in the don't know what I believe category. I want so badly to believe this is the real world and all the crazy stuff that's happening is just due to illness. I just can't.

This is mainly because all of my problems lie in what is happening in this world. Bloody coincidences.

I would love to explore the world, and see amazing things, but I can't convince myself those things are real. ????
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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