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I had another really bad trip, so I guess it’s time I stop smoking weed. I know it’s stupid to do that lol. This time it scared me enough to not do it anymore, but anyways, to continue on my “passing post”; I’ve said a lot of things that copy krishnamurti, but I advise people here try to listen to him. I’m serious. But don’t just agree or disagree with what he says, enquire into what he says. Have you heard the expression the observer is the observed? Not many know what this means. The observer is what i think I am, the image I see myself as. But that observer (image) is only there because it’s being observed. It’s being thought of. Lol. So the observer is the observed. That’s the best way I can describe it. Making contact with this means you no longer act from the position of a center, because you’re seeing that you are merely an observation of thought. Having a center creates confusion anyway of course. Because you are living as an ideal. As an image you have about yourself. You may not realize it though. Knowing this is a great first step to getting out of these horrific type of mind hells. Trust me
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