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Wow. An actual good day. I did read that there will be some setbacks and occassional bad days on the road to gradual recovery, but today I almost felt normal. What was weird is that I still had this fear of letting go and not obsessing. It is as if the mind didn't want to let go of the obsessiing and couldn't believe that I need not obsess. Likw it was too good to be true. I assume it was mind shock. Sort of like what your hair goes through right after a haircut. After a few days it adapts to the new look. Whenever I would start to question my memories, I would just stop and know that this is ridiculous. It worked. I still have this fear deep down inside but it is slowly going down. I assume if I keep ignoring and just keep perpetuating, Ill be back to the way I was the last 3 years. Pretty damn normal.
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