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Joining the military

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I was wondering what ya'lls opinion is on joining the military. I've heard that some military people get dp/dr from service, and I was wondering if anyone' heard about this as well. So it would balance out wouldn't it? Since I have DP.DR I could sort of mix in with the crowd? There's so many benefits to joining like money, free food, healthcare, retirement opportunities.

I'm 21 now and I don't have much else to look forward to. I almost joined the Navy at one point and I held myself back because of the anxiety. The recruiter said it was no big deal and I almost go in there.

Anyone else thinking about joining the military or have any opinions about this?
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I almost joined the navy myself a few years ago. Long story, but I must say that you should never believe anything a recruiter tells you. They will lie even to their boss, and on official documents just to get you into the military! They do not care at all about you. Fact is that they have a quota and if they don't make it than they lose there post!
If you do have bad dp/dr, I strongly suggest not joining.
I couldent even make it through the application ordeal in Chicago.
My recruiter stressed me the hell out, BAD!
The military goes against my religion anyway.
Killing people is wrong for any reason and I think if you are at all religious you need to think about the fact that no matter what position you have in the military, you will be supporting a force designed only to kill people.
I don't even know why I ever went to the recruting office to begin with.
I think I was very confused at the time.
I pray you do not join.
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