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Joining the military

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I was wondering what ya'lls opinion is on joining the military. I've heard that some military people get dp/dr from service, and I was wondering if anyone' heard about this as well. So it would balance out wouldn't it? Since I have DP.DR I could sort of mix in with the crowd? There's so many benefits to joining like money, free food, healthcare, retirement opportunities.

I'm 21 now and I don't have much else to look forward to. I almost joined the Navy at one point and I held myself back because of the anxiety. The recruiter said it was no big deal and I almost go in there.

Anyone else thinking about joining the military or have any opinions about this?
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i was thinking about joining the military but i hate the american government its so corrupt. innocent lives are being ended because of some dumb reason to go into iraq.(its not really about freedom)

sorry if you disagree. if you really feel that you want to join the military then do it. i support all the troops in iraq in afganistan and hope they return soon and i get sad when i hear of their deaths on the news.

but look at this link first please. the government lies and continue to rip off war vetrans off with their phoney "benifits" and all that other b.s.
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