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Joining the military

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I was wondering what ya'lls opinion is on joining the military. I've heard that some military people get dp/dr from service, and I was wondering if anyone' heard about this as well. So it would balance out wouldn't it? Since I have DP.DR I could sort of mix in with the crowd? There's so many benefits to joining like money, free food, healthcare, retirement opportunities.

I'm 21 now and I don't have much else to look forward to. I almost joined the Navy at one point and I held myself back because of the anxiety. The recruiter said it was no big deal and I almost go in there.

Anyone else thinking about joining the military or have any opinions about this?
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I think dp/dr is caused by being on the front, in combat, or being close enough (like medics and such). BUT if you can find a job in the military such as a technology based job...ask if they have things not related to combat. I read an email today and realized maybe this would have been a good choice for me as well.

It will teach discipline, which is important. as i kind of realized today. ;)
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