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Im gonna try not to make it long I started smokin pot at age 15, it was the occasional joint at a party kind of thing until i started smokin more often then my parents found out i got sent out of LA and int o Wichita, KS where my mom lived i spent 3 months there just working out and sleepin and i felt as healthy as i've ever been before. Then i came back to LA back to the smae pot head friends. I decided to visit my friend and grab some weed sayin that i wasn't gonna smoke alot jus a little every other month. I just came back so i didnt have any papers to smoke it out of and my ingenious self decided to use the fruit by the foot papers to smoke out of, i also took resin, dark tarrish weed. I put the weed in and made one joint then i took the resin and made another joint. when i smoked the weed it tasted the same then i smoked the resin and it tasted and smelled kind of like minty or chemically i dunno. It gave me a high and i jus chilled out and i went to bed and then i remember wakin up 4 hours later my body felt refreshed but my mind felt numbed out and thought less, it was an unusual feeling and thats when i knew somethin was wrong this happend for 4 days until my sleep pattern returned to normal. Then one day sittin in my algebra 2 class the teacher was talkin to me when i freaked out all of a sudden out of nowhere lookedat the floor and it zoomed in and out repeatedly really freakin me out i was all dizzy and felt like i had permenantly damaged my brain. I drank water it toned down but hasn't gone away since that day ( 1 year ago exactly) My problems rite now are just mild derealization, loneliness, lack of motivation and loss of emotions, mild memory problems. All i can do is look for help advice and do something about my problems and next time learn from others mistakes instead of learning from my own.
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