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I have been doing much better and pretty clear-minded lately.:) That brain fog (total disconnection from the sense of self) I was telling about at the forum a couple of months ago, took a lot longer to lift than Dr, which for me went away pretty much suddenly. Maybe it?s that Dr is so easy to notice ? the foggy wall is so obvious to tell if it?s still there as it?s almost like a physical symptom ? but when it comes to Dp it?s much more difficult and recovery takes place gradually.

I?m pretty much back in(side) myself and have slowly been getting my identity back. But I?m still experiencing some general unrealness, like I?m still not totally back to reality. Life still feels a bit dreamlike. At the moment I actually don?t know if I have Dp anymore or not; it might be that last spring before my breakdown - when I hadn?t heard anything of Dp (didn?t even know such a thing exists) - I wouldn?t have felt anything weird if I was feeling the way I?m now. (I wasn?t questioning the things I?m questioning now.) So at this present moment Dp might be purely a result of self-suggestion.

I have been able to stop obsessing about this whole dp thing, but what I still find so hard, is to stop _believing_ and giving it any credibility. I think that to be able to cure 100% one should be able to let go of dp and actually _forget_ about it totally. But it?s still there in the background of my mind, even though as said, I?m not obsessing/doing that inner monologue inside my head anymore. But forgetting is so hard, as I had managed to let the Dp take over my whole life for several months? period. Maybe this general unrealness and dreamlike feeling will take some more time to lift, and it won?t happen before Dp loses all the credibility in my mind and I?m able to forget about it. This again takes more time, as I was in that state for many months.

Can anybody share my thoughts or relate?

I would like to ask something concerning primary Dp. Isn?t Dp assumed to be a symptom of something else? But what if it appears on its own without any other disorder in the backgroung ? then it?s not a symptom? And in addition, is such primary Dp more difficult to cure from, and _can_ one cure from that? ?Cause if it comes on its own, as a separate disorder, then one can?t try to affect its roots/causes, right? So what?s my basic obsession behind this?: can Dp ?come? without one being able to have power over it (by taking the right attitude towards it). Or should the key of recovery (focusing outward & onward) apply to all Dp, no matter how it was induced (or if it came on its own)?
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