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job interview in the a.m. send out beams of luck

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Ive got a job interview tomorrow... the last one i freaked and was a no-show...this one is most crucial. If anyone is up at 10 am us central standard time ( I have no idea what that translates to world-wide), take a moment, send out some kickass beams my way as Im sure the desire to flee will come up at some point tomorrow morning. Go Team Blake!

Godspeed everyone,
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Thanks for the support. You guys are the bee's knees. I showed up, hoorah, and it went quite well.

Suprisingly, she didnt ask any "why do you look so very insane?" questions...teehee.

By all acounts, I did charm the heck out of her as she attempted to seduce then and there in the hr office. joke. but they did ask for another interview. So Go Team Blake!

Once again, though, thanks for the posts... you guys are so radical.

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