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Job Anxiety

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Well I haven't posted here in quite sometime, but as of late it has been pretty imperative that I get another job seeing that I have been unemployed for about 8 months now. So I have the HELP WANTED section of the paper in front of me and I have some places I need to call but for some reason I get really anxious at the thought of calling these places and Im not even sure why. Ive called them before and have been on several unsuccessful interviews, so maybe that contributes to the anxiety, I really don't know. What I do know is that I really need to make these calls so I can get another job. I guess I just need to fight the anxiety, and just call. Im about to be 20 soon, and to me things like this seem to be kind of childish, but never the less they bother me.

Anyone have any suggestions on getting past this anxiety annoyance?

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What up's funny that you should make your first post in a while about jobs, cause I was just getting ready to make a similar post. And it is my first in a long time. Anyways, I know how you feel about the picking up the phone thing. As you know and many others on here may know I work as a Recruiter. Basically my main job duty is to find candidates who match the positions we need filled. So basically I have to search for peoples' resumes and then call them to see if they are interested and a good match for the respective position. The thing is, I HATE picking up the phone. Mainly it's cause I'm usually sleepy/tired at work and also because my voice sounds weird and doesn't sound attached. Also, I get bored alot at work, cause days can be slow. And when I get bored, I feel worthless, and then get frustrated and then start feeling down, depressed and detached/DPed. It then carries into other parts of my life, cause I keep thinking about how bored and worthless I often feel at work and it makes things worse. But nothing has ever happened bad as a result of me picking up the phone and according to my boss I am doing a GREAT job at work. But I don't really like what I am doing and the days always go by so slow.

Anyone feel worse when they are bored and feel worthless?

SB...I know you want to make some money, but honestly, you have to find something that you are going to at least half enjoy. Don't take any old job just to have some money, cause if you have to go to a job you hate every single day, then you will almost feel worse than not having a job at all.

Holla later...peace

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