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The site went down so I didn't get to make a post yesterday.

Yesterday went pretty well. Some minor things as per usual but I kept calm and did my thing. Didn't let things affect what I was doing or feel panicky like the past couple days.

Today was decent but I did run into some trouble when reading/trying to work on music for a little while. I got anxious a bit and some thoughts started occurring while I was reading which would distract me from what I was reading. I didn't stop or go do something else, I kept pushing through and at a couple points took some breaths and went back to it. I personally believe when things like that happen it's because I didn't do something which I should've such as block thoughts properly, etc. I need to prevent this type of stuff. So far reading and listening are my most affected activities as thoughts come out of nowhere and break my concentration.

Regardless, going to bed and ready to conquer tomorrow, lot's of stuff to do. I am zonked right now. DP really does make you fatigued, shit's wack.

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