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WOuld you mind if I asked you some questions. You seem to have alot of insight into DP.

Are you in the mental health profession?
How long have you been recovered?

After reading your post, is the "key" to recovery just accepting this illness? Not running away or always trying to find an understanding to DP.

Because I think this is part of my problem, I NEED to understand this. Of course I never find the "right" answer. I switch therapist every other month because I think they should find the anwer it.

Just curious what you thought. Perhaps, you have an archive that post your ideas to recovery,

When I started on this board, I was NOT in the mental health profession - just a writer who used to suffer from this horror. However, now I am a candidate (student) at a psychoanalytic institute and training to be an the answer is "sort of" lol...

I don't think there is ONE single Key to recovery from any of the symptoms that fall into the basic category of anxiety, depression, obsessions, depersonalization, derealization. My tips about "focus outward" and try to force yourself to not self-monitor are just suggestions for things that definitely HELP, but I'm not sure those things, even if someone could master them perfectly, would actually "cure" anybody.

The only thing that healed me was long and ardous work on myself - in psychoanalytic therapy. For ME, I had to find out the fears and self-deceptions that had caused me to break down in the first place, and those insights and continued exploration somehow "jump starts' the person's growth,and the byproduct is that the symptoms go away.

Different people have different theories about how to recover from mental symptoms - I tried most everything legal, lol...but nothing made a dent until I was ready to really buckle down and commit to a long term treatment - and even that wasn't easy. It requires a "good fit" between patient and therapist - and then there will still be major bumps in the road.

There's no easy answer. But I have yet to meet anyone with this type of symptom who hadn't been slowly building towards a breakdown long before the sudden onset of dp.

Desperate needs to understand IT, as if the symptom is something so alien to the self, only continues the cycle. We ARE our symptoms, we created them out of good but dumb intentions, and only when we look at the entire person can we find pathways out.

We humans do the best we can, but often we place self-lie over lie, and mask over mask, and myopia over myopia until we are ticking time bombs...when the explosion inevitably arrives, we IMplode rather than explode, and we are.

Wishing you all the best,
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