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I remember once a while back that you said in response to a "just go into the dp, embrace it" question that once a therapist? told you to face the fear and try that and you got so messed up you almost ended up in a mental hospital. This was a long time ago so you may not remember but hopefully you'll know what I'm getting at. Anyway, my fear is, if thinking about the dp can send you to the mental ward than how can we all be sure that we aren't gonna get completely messed up and go crazy one day?

Hey Enngirl, (sorry I'm not janine, but I've studied the brain thoroughly for about 3 years strong and got a good grip on this whole psychological thing)

But chea, to calm your nerve's, ....It is physically IMPOSSIBLE to just "go crazy".

It couldnt happen, especially from something as minor as DP. Although it may feel like we're losing control and going to end up being an uncontrollable schizo in a white room, It's illogical thinking from panic.

Many of people have signed them self into mental ward's/ER's over panic attack's, however they never were diagnosed as crazy, they were diagnosed as "FEELING LIKE" their going crazy, lol.

So yeah, don't even KIND OF worry about it, considering it is infact impossible/illogical fear

you already KNOW the answer to this, lol...

I nearly went to a mental ward because I got so terrified and anxious and obsessive and petrified and dp'd and dr'd and worried and freaked out.

It's the same "reason" I nearly ended up in one on several occasions over the years.

We are driving ourselves into states of unmitigated terror, guys. But we will never succeed in driving ourselves insane. (it's just not much better, what we really ARE doing to ourselves)

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