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I've had DP/DR for the past 7 months. This is my third experience with it in the past 10 years. Interesting that the first happened after first year of university (scary time in life - lasted for about 5 months) and second happened after second-year of college (leaving school...starting career...difficult time for youth). Having been through it twice before is both reassuring and frustrating. This latest experience started with a few puffs on a joint (like many others, I will of course never do that again). I was doing really well lately and going days at a time without thinking about the DP/DR. Felt that I was really coming along. I even posted in the regaining reality about how I was close to being recovered. The past week or so has been much harder. I am married with a young child at home, have a great job, etc and just want to feel like myself again. I've been really sad lately. Frustrated and confused. Want to be there for my family. I enjoy your submissions because you have been through this, have thoughful insight, and are positive. Thought I would see if you have any other advice and to ask which book would be best for someone in my thousand and one nights or unravelling.
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