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ive quite drinking......

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ok, for the whole time ive had dp (bout 6 years) ive gone out every weekend and got stupidly drunk as soo many young male brits do. 3 weeks ago dp on hangovers hit the limet and i started having panic attacks but only when hung over. ive quite drinking comletely for 3 weeks but i feel worse than ever, feels like my body is soo out of cycle, almost like having a drink at the weekend helped my dp cus i wasnt always thinking about it, i would go through the week looking foward to the weekends, now its just dp constant and im changeing my personality to suit it. Do u think the sudden change could be making me feel extra dped or have i actually fucked my brain up from drinking alot? in some ways i think get drunk now and again is better, i have no dp at all when im drunk, the other week i stood infront of the mirror and tried soo hard to understand what i meant when i say i dont reconise myself, i couldnt grasp any feelings of dp which once in a while feels like hevan :lol: , i think i might just av a couple each sat night to sorta balance my moods out a bit, what do you guys think, im really confused about this, could this just last for another week or so then i feel better? im really hateing the way i feel at the mo. cheers peeps jay
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Good question. I also wonder if I have permanently fucked up my brain from drinking. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can answer this for us.

Congrats on quitting for 3 weeks. I know it isn't easy. So what do you do now instead of drink on the weekends? Maybe some physical activity could lift your mood a bit.

I think you should stick out the no drinking for as long as you can, no harm will come from it. Alcohol is just a temporary fix as you already know. But who am I to talk... I still drink on the weekends. I think 3 weeks is the longest I've gone without alcohol in years. Hopefully you can stick it out longer than I could.
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