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ive quite drinking......

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ok, for the whole time ive had dp (bout 6 years) ive gone out every weekend and got stupidly drunk as soo many young male brits do. 3 weeks ago dp on hangovers hit the limet and i started having panic attacks but only when hung over. ive quite drinking comletely for 3 weeks but i feel worse than ever, feels like my body is soo out of cycle, almost like having a drink at the weekend helped my dp cus i wasnt always thinking about it, i would go through the week looking foward to the weekends, now its just dp constant and im changeing my personality to suit it. Do u think the sudden change could be making me feel extra dped or have i actually fucked my brain up from drinking alot? in some ways i think get drunk now and again is better, i have no dp at all when im drunk, the other week i stood infront of the mirror and tried soo hard to understand what i meant when i say i dont reconise myself, i couldnt grasp any feelings of dp which once in a while feels like hevan :lol: , i think i might just av a couple each sat night to sorta balance my moods out a bit, what do you guys think, im really confused about this, could this just last for another week or so then i feel better? im really hateing the way i feel at the mo. cheers peeps jay
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dp may well be withdrawl i agree with...drinking heavily does not help the following day the anxiety is tenfold,however if you can cope with having a couple of pints a day and it not affecting your life or your mental health then go for it......
weekend binges are the worst its best to drink little during the entire week then your body will adapt to it...sinking 10 pints in one session will be fatal to your health...
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