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Ive Lost My Mind!

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Hey everyone.. I posted here a while ago about memory issues.. and I had a really good response.. helped me a lot.. but now they have gotten to a very very severe point.. and im starting to completely freak out once again. Here's just a few examples

I have no idea what i did this morning.. unless i really rack my brains.. and remember i went to class... but it seems like weeks ago that I went to class. Then After class is a bit of a blur.. I know I went to lunch.. I dont really know what made me decide to go there etc...

I had my friend over to my dorm room.. we talked for an hour.. I dont really recall much of the conversation.

I NEVER remember when things happened.. yesterday feels like a DECADE ago.. I never know who ive talked too and stuff.

If someone brings up a specific event like "remember doing this?" .. of course i remember.. but i dont remember when it happened.. specific details.. unless someone reminds me of those too.

Am I going absolutely insane? im freaking out.. i dont want to forget everything.. HELP ME
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I would agree that Janine's post seems a bit more "ominous" but I think there is an important point (as always ;-)). To me (i could be completely off here, so i apologize if I am) it seems like Janine is letting us know that this stuff isn't easy. All so often, we want to find the easiest solution, and it's usually NOT the best solution. I am surely guilty of this. I have long wanted to hear some reassuring words from my thearpist and go along my merry way, finally cured. However, this is not going to happen. I just go right back to my self monitoring and obsessive thoughts. This stuff is hard work, and we tend to resist hard work and the best solution in favor of what we think is the best way, which is usually the way that has failed us the most in the past. (By the way, I am NOT insinuating that we are lazy or anything else like that, just that we usually prefer comfort all the time--which ironically isn't bringing us lasting comfort). I have been in therapy for six years, and i'm just now starting to realize that my current methods of coping with things are failing dismally. I have long resisted looking into my deeper emtoins and feelings, which I am starting to realize are what I really need to do. I have a lot of buried pain and shame and guilt and hurt that I have never faced, and I'm starting to think that this is what is causing a lot of my dp/dr and anxiety and depression. I've long treated the symptoms while ignoring the disease, so to speak. At least all of this is what I'm hoping...that good old obsessive part thinks I'm just finding reasons for this and I will never get well...sigh :oops: Did I get any of this right lol
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