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I've had this FOREVER!!

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I've just recently learned of DP and DR just from researching anxiety disorders. I was shocked and also relieved to learn that other people experience similar states of mind. Since I found this site I have become addicted to it! Maybe there is a way out or at least someone to talk to. One thing I've noticed is that many posters describe Dp/Dr as lasting for days or weeks and as if it comes on spontainiously ( although I have read some posts of long term illness). for me it is everlasting ,always! and it follows me through infinity and my obsession with infinity.

I'm 27 years old and every moment of every day is like what has previously been described in other posts and I've been trying to find out where it all began and I can only say that I've felt like this for as long as I can remember. Every day is like being in a bubble, all thoughts and sounds echo repeatedly perpetually. Sometimes I manage to forget about it momentarily but then my conciousness clicks back in and I realize that I'm at 17 or 46 or 92, etc. and that I have been counting in my head to fill the time without being aware. This is only one small example. There is never an end to the on-going argument in my head, even as I write this I am arguing with my self although I don't know what about. And one of the worst things about it for me is that when I think I have it figured out and that I can put it into words, the words become wrong when I speak them as if they've been transformed by the exterior world and the percieved reality of the one who I'm trying to relate to. ( the latter is a perfect example and I won't even go over it again but I know I've not been as precise as I wish to be)

I'm just happy I found you guys and I hope we can all work together and find some kind of salvation through our support. Good luck! :? [/b]
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Yea, that does sound like ocd. It can be a real monster.
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