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Its up!

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Thanks everybody for the help, my pic is finally up. And if anyone is in the Pittsburgh area tonight, we're throwing a party at my house at nine. There'll be a keg, some university hotties, and lots of grad students, undergrads, Navy ROTC men, and philosophy Phd'ers. And of course, me. Who knows what'll happen. Alright, catch you all on the flipside, late tommorrow afternoon, more than likely.

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Hey Home,

Nice pic.

I actually stared at it for like a minute consecutively, and the thing that I was most drawn back by was how when you really look at it, you look very.... "manly", which I realize is just one big lie done up by the camera crew, because I know the lunatic child that hides within that body.

Cool though. :)
Oh yeah, you didn't tell me you were black.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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