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Thats what i said to myself all the time after realizing waiting and putting the hope on medication didnt work. When i realized that, i changed my lifestyle.

So i have suffered from DP&DR for 5 years 24/7 (2010-2015).

My life as troubled-but happy kid changed to an absolute living hell.

Had to quit school, had to change the way i lived, had to deal with constant anxiety, brainfog and all common DP/DR symptoms.

I used a wide variety of medication and even tested nearly every supplement you can find out there.

None of it was helping, i realized i had to move on, so i changed my life, because why would you KEEP DOING the same things when the DP/DR isnt going away? Change your lifestyle.

The first thing i did was subsitute alcohol for weed (even though i thought my DP was weed induced), many of you would declare insanity on me for trying weed, but the hard thing is, besides DP/DR i also suffer from addiction, after quitting the bottle i started to go to the gym and take vitamin supplements each day, i would spend less time on the computer and more time outside in the open world and out of my COMFORT ZONE.

This huge change gave me panic attacks in the beginning, but eventually it became less after just facing the facts and moved on.

I've learned alot about humanity and society in the time i went out of my comfort zone, resulting in huge panic and paranoia (psychotic) in the beginning but in the long run: less panicky thoughts.

I became more dominant, more assertive and my self-esteem improved.. and all of that while smoking weed, funny isn't it?

So one summer day i woke up after a long rest, went to the toilet to take a number 2, sat down and looked at my hands.. something was different, something i hadn't felt in a long time.. my dp was gone!

I could hardly believe it, i realised i had accepted the fact i had dp/dr, overcame my fears, overcame the panic attacks and overcame the anxiety that weed used to give me.

So what exactly happened im not sure (Keep in mind im leaving quite alot of details out as this thread already takes me 30 min to write Theres just so much i could tell but im not sure what's relevant) but i went downstairs, rolled a joint and said to myself "Maybe my doctor was right, if weed causes DP/DR then why would i have it if i didnt smoke weed?" so i light it up, smoked it, and nothing happened.. it was just the old me being stoned. Now alot of people would expect themselves to be happy and full of euphoria when your DP/DR is away, but the cold hard truth is that nothing's changed.

If you get rid of your DP/DR, you won't feel happier or less depressed, you just don't experience DP/DR anymore.

The depression (and in my case addiction) stays.

This goes to show that in my case dp/dr is a symptom of a bigger problem.

So last December, my DR came back after being 2 years DP-free.


If you would like to hear more specific details on how i beat dp/dr, contact me through a private message.

Acception is key.

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This is the bittersweet truth. The better I get with DP\DR the more I realize I still have a lot of issues that I need to deal with. Although it feels like we became different people it really is just a change in perspective.
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