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It's Past my bedtime

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When some people who are around me talk to me, I have trouble with responding. My body will become numb, as if for some reason part of me thought it couldn't be here anymore. The days can be so dark, crooked, cold. I'm glad yesterday is gone

My dreams are worse and the recurring dream is back. It's me in a giant warehouse or convention hall. Everything is laden with black cloths. The walls draped with huge black sheets. There are people walking in the opposite direction, and I hear people talking in the back of the building behind more sheets. Everytime I try to go see what's going on somebody stops me and starts trying to have chit chat. People, friends and people I dont know starts pulling my arms and legs as if there's something back there I can get to. I always end up getting frustrated with everyone and yelling and getting mad. I wake up, and it's black and white morning here.
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