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Hi guys,
Im sooo friggin anxious. Its been gone again the last three months. but a few weeks ago my daughter was diagnosed with autism and i am very sad. I went on staying busy and just sorted loads of stuff out and slowly got more n more anxious. Now im in hysterics crying and my brain is going ''why are you a person, what are you doing here , why are you attached to a body''
my therepist said these thoughts are just a distraction from my feelings. But then i have to feel my feelings and damn they are painful!
Any warm words of encouragment or relating to that thinking would be nice.
thanks guys

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When you've had traumatic feelings before, something upsetting can trigger it later. It's like all this trapped energy. I'm probably being a bore when I keep saying I use Peter Levine's Healing Trauma manual, but without grounding you are always floating, and I'm not saying I'm an expert as it's something I'm still working on, I'm just saying it helps me.

Anyway, I can understand you getting panicky, but a lot of autistic people are pretty amazing. You might have to learn their language a bit in terms of communication, but, hey, all parents have to with their kids!
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