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after my bad trip from weed cookies i recognized that my feelings are gone, my moralic judgement, the feeling of atmospheres from rooms or enviroment, friends and the sun and i started for 1.5 years now an obsessiv comparing of really any situation in which i had emotions etc before. after months i compared situation from the beginning of the suffering and after half a year for example about the micro changes of getting less. So more and more of me and my body processes dissolved, not only the emotions i compared, i compared if i get tired or if i get hungry. and now it seems all gone. no thoughts gives me emotions or body processes anymore. i dont need to eat for days and when i smell good food i cannot get hungry or apetite anymore. all seems in a seperated world, which i cant connect anymore. my circle of thoughts or comparision are like a swirl that i cant get out of it and it will leads to my drowning and gets more and more power. so more and more things are gone, and its unthinkable that it can come back, epecially i cannot imagine or remembering it anymore. so it seems that i cant exist anymore in this world

can anybody understands that dynamic or have it like me in this way ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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