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Hi all!! I was a member here some years ago. I haven't been back here at all in 2+ years. I developed chronic DP and DR in 2016. I went through around one year of pure hellish nightmare material and was in and out of psyche wards due to suicidality caused by the weird new perceptual disturbances.
I eventually got better though after taking meds!! The DP and DR went away. Stupidly I stopped my meds around 9 months ago. I was sort of ok for 2 months but then all of a sudden my depression, paranoia, and OCD became extremely severe. It had gotten so bad that my Pdoc stated if I did not restart the meds I would be placed on an involuntary treatment order. The stupid DP/DR came back after the other stuff got really bad and now it's bothering me intensely again and I'm supposed to start the meds but I'm scared because my health anxiety is out of control again.
Don't stop your meds even if they're only helping a little. I'm so stupid!! Ugh. So here I am. Back looking for support/sharing my story.
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