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this isn't funny. I feel shit tonight, I have friends round, I should be having a good night but instead i am in a constant state of feeling disattatched. They all enjoy themselves whilst i try and find my way back to reality. I want to scream at them to make them understand. But before DP i never would have understood, so i wonder what is the point. I'm struggling.

Fortunately, this site has a community that understands and the inspirational stories makes me think I can win this.

When i am around people and i feel really fucking out of it and really detached and i'm they are all talking and feeling fine and i am smiling and acting like i feel normal whilst inside my head i am freaking out it helps to just start talking to someone about something. Even though i really dont' want to and my mind isn't in the converastion if i just talk to them for a while, about anything, my mind starts to slowly come back and get into the conversation. i don't know if this would work for anyone else but it's probably worth a try.
hope this helps you
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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