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that i cant drink

i cant smoke weed?

i even hate smoking weed

its cool for like 2 hours then u have to be in reality

but what if i just wanna smoke like once in awhile

i cant because itll fuck me up?

man this is some shit

i have drink in the couple of past months

not with friends

just by myself

just cus i feel like getting fucked up

its bad

when im bored

i just wanna get high or fucked up

and it sucks that i cant even get high

i have in the past

i use to have this weird symtpom

my paranioa and anxiety was so bad

my presence in a room would give people this wierd vibe

it would make people feel uncomfortable

could u imagine

just being there doing nothing


making people feel bad

thank god that symptom has passed

thanks to latuda

i guess it calmed my nerves

but last time i tried weed that bad presence symtpom came back

and thats like the worst symptom ever

i do kinda wanna smoke weed

maybe that symptom is gone forever?

idk man

it pisses me off

that i cant do the things i want to do

even tho they r bad things

i just wanna live life

and if its smoking a little weed

like come on

i hate my life so much

it sucks when im bored

i just wanna get high

i wanna live life man

im fucking 22 years old

i shud be living it up man

but i simply cant even conversate with someone

this blows so much

just here making a topic
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