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I have now so far with 150 mg lamictal and 25 mg nortypline + 10 mg lexapro has given be lapses of 50-60 percent of relief.
Previously when i was on the 150 mg lamictal i only saw improvement in DR but nothing on the DP.
I tend to dissaciate as the day going on and i am outside and talking to people so i am not anywhere even close to being cured but its a step in the right direction.
Now i have brief moment of 50 60 percent reduction in symptoms and it feels so so strange.
I never knew what i was like when i was dissaciating i mean how fucking much i was dissociated and how much of an effect this has had.

And now i feel like i even dissacociate when i get this slight relief because it feels so so odd i mean i really cant describe it.
Is this what i am supposed to feel like? I never remembered feeling like this pre DP/DR. Is it just because its been 6 and a half years that i have forgotten what it feels like?
Its indescribable. Anyone else had this experience, and if so how did you cope with it and continue in the path of recovery?
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