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It changes.. Good or Bad Sign?

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Hi there! (excuse my English, i'm from germany)
This is my first time writing here, though I have DPDR for almost 10 years.
After horrible 2 years it got really low Level but always there, never gone. Until last year, where it got away for some hours at a few days.. Then I fell into Depression and it got wayyy worse than ever. Since then, it always changes.. Throughout weeks, days, even seconds.. Sometimes its low Level, sometimes its horrible.. What does this mean? Is this a good or a bad Sign?
Thank you and greets from germany
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Thank you. Its worse outside and best when i'm alone, inside the house. And its worse when im feeling more depressed/more anxious. If i'm tired, its worse too, its better in the evening. But it messes around, too..some days or Moments its just so much better /so much worse and i dont even know why. I wonder if im just more sensitive to its fluctuation because of Depression and over thinking? Or Really something big is Happening here?
forestx5 I was in psychiatry back then (and even in the begin of this year..). They did EEG, nothing was found. I live in Mainz too! Im considering to go to this DPDR special clinic here at Mainz Uniklinik, has somebody ever been there/heard of it?
I got chronic DPDR after drug overdose, so i dont think its epilepsy..
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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