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It’s still strange

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Hey,guys.I’ve posted here a couple of times.My dpdr was caused by extreme stress and severe anxiety for a couple of months. It’s been 2 months since this whole thing started.I’m at a stage rn where I do feel real,I have 3D vision, and I don’t obsess over dpdr anymore that much. However,I’ve noticed that I still feel off.The world seems a little strange. It does seem different which freaks me out cause I read somewhere that that’s a psychotic symptom (feeling like the world has been changed). Even though I seem to have 3D vision and feel real in my surroundings I seem to have lost any sense of what life is. I look around and I tell myself:”Even if I’m real,and this is all 3D I see no point in life”. I have these crazy thoughts of “why do we do things,we are silly humans who do things but why”. It’s a strange feeling of being weirded out by the real 3D world.I’m freaked out about being present.Maybe I’m just depressed and I’ve lost my spark and passion about life.But this feel more like a complete confusion about life and why we do things.Like we just go to work and we go on walks in this 3D world.My brain can’t seem to grasp it. It’s easier to live in my phone but that’s a terrible thing to do and I must cut my screen time.Anyways,just wanted to ask if someone has also experienced this?It feels like I’m almost recovered but I still can’t make sense of this physical world.
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