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Hey, I basically think I know why I am DP... So I used to be a fun loving girl, but I got mad and wanted to be different. so I started trying to be "Emo" and "Goth" and basically forced myself to like forget emotions... I slowly felt myself slipping away but I think I loved it, I sort of got addicted to it, like losing myself and becoming something else?
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I am now in DP and honestly... I don't even feel like any of what I jusy said happened to me? Also I don't feel like I am the one talking or typing this... anyway has anyone ever sort of had that experience if so... Please tell me how you are and cope...? Thanks, and wish you the best!!

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May 22 2014 01:56 PM

I have had similar thoughts myself, questioning everything as such. I've been thrown under the "emo" bus before. The way I deal with it is to distract myself with a tedious task, to keep my mind busy. honestly though sleeping does and warm baths do wonders. and comedy
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laughter is the best medicine.

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May 22 2014 02:37 PM

oh and music, music can help you as an outlet.

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May 23 2014 03:58 AM

Please check out harris harringtons program it will answer alot of questions u are asking.
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